Tough breaks Colonial Pipeline outage puts drivers on notice

An unusually long September shutdown on the major supplier of gasoline to the US Atlantic coast lifted southeast retail gasoline prices and alerted millions of drivers to just how tenuous their fuel access can be. Colonial Pipeline, the key conduit for US Gulf coast gasoline moving to the New York Harbor market, suffered in 2016 its worst run of pipeline shutdowns in at least 14 years. Read More…

Argus Media – Retailers push back in biofuel dispute

Rising costs have increased pressure to change US biofuel mandates this year, raising the volume from refiners including Valero, PBF Energy and other acutely affected fuel businesses seeking changes to the program.

Refiners have increasingly pointed to profits enjoyed by larger retailers. The strategy shifts their complaints a little closer to a space drivers and other customers understand – the pump – and benefits from including hardships faced by much smaller businesses.

Retailers had not said much in response until a few made time for me in late August. Read More…


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